New Business Cards from Basic Invite!!

After almost 6 years in business, I figured it was a good time to finally order new business cards.  I mean… the last set I had came in two colors and were the free ones VistaPrint promoted years ago (“just pay for shipping & handling!”).  I honestly haven’t handed out a business card in all the years I’ve been doing wedding photography.  Anytime another vendor would ask for my business card, I’d sheepishly ask for their card (so we could connect later!) and say something about not having any on me… which was the truth, but only because I was embarrassed of the cards I had sitting around at home.  They were terribly outdated, and for the life of me I could not commit to sitting down and designing and ordering new business cards.  In my defense, I had welcomed two children during that window of time and… well… really no other good excuse other than it’s one of those things you put on your to do list but never get to!  So when I heard about Basic Invite I was pretty pumped to put together personalized business cards in a hurry (you know… after 6 years)!

After going through the design process with Basic Invite, I have no idea why on earth it took me so!  Maybe I would have ordered cards years ago if I’d heard of Basic Invite and used one of their beautiful designs!  I was so impressed by the designs and nearly unlimited color options and small design tweaks that made my cards so personalized.  The only issue I had was finally settling on the design and narrowing down my color selections!

I’m also really excited for their “upload your own” design option.  I hope it won’t take me another 6 years, but I do want to order cards with my own design and logo. But in the meantime, I’m loving my business cards which are ridiculously beautiful!  I even went the extra step and ordered them in the Luxe Velvet.  It’s legit, like my cards are made of suede!

Basic Invite also has lovely traditional wedding invitations and save the date invitations.  I love that they have beautiful designs, but you also have so much control over the final products’ look and design.  I totally skipped this step (because I was so excited!), but you can even order one custom sample before you place your final order.

If you check out Basic Invite be sure to let them know I sent you!

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