Not Nearly Enough Light | Blacksburg Family Photography

Sometimes after dinner we spend our time cleaning the kitchen table and washing dishes (oh who am I kidding there’s no WE in washing dishes… that’s my handsome hubby’s job:)) and getting the kids in the bath so they can get to sleep on time.  Then there are those random nights where I insist… demand… beg!.. my hubby to throw the kids in the car so we can run out and catch a Blacksburg sunset.

“Just leave everything on the table!”
“Hurry up and finish your dinner!”
“Get your shoes on… Come on the sun is setting!”

It’s not often but sometimes I can convince my sweet hubby to keep the kids up past their bedtimes so I can chase them around in the fading evening light.  I figure there’s plenty of time for sleeping in this lifetime… but not nearly enough light to chase under the cherry blossoms.Blacksburg Family Photography_0059.jpgBlacksburg Family Photography_0062.jpgBlacksburg Family Photography_0063.jpgBlacksburg Family Photography_0060.jpg
Blacksburg Family Photography_0065.jpg
Blacksburg Family Photography_0064.jpg
Blacksburg Family Photography_0067.jpg
Blacksburg Family Photography_0069.jpg
Blacksburg Family Photography_0070.jpgBlacksburg Family Photography_0074.jpg
Blacksburg Family Photography_0073.jpgBlacksburg Family Photography_0076.jpgMy sweet boy is still not sure what to do in front of the camera… even after all these years!   I nearly forget how blue his eyes are until I catch an image of him like this!
Blacksburg Family Photography_0078.jpgBlacksburg Family Photography_0061.jpg
Blacksburg Family Photography_0079.jpg

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Kristie Lea is a New River Valley, Virginia Wedding & Portrait Photographer.  Her style of photography is Whimsical & Bright with equal parts Romantic & Dreamy. She blogs from time to time (but only as much as her 3 year old will let her) so be sure to see her most recent work on instagram! 

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