Hi, I'm Kristie!

Mother. Artist. Storyteller. Dream catcher.

Hey Friends... I’m Kristie Lea, a portrait and wedding photographer based in the New River Valley -- welcome to my little corner of the world!

I graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in the Visual Arts.  I thought, like most people with art degrees, I’d spend my life in an office job from 8-5… but about 5 years ago I had the opportunity to leave my desk job and pursue photography.  I still spend more hours at my computer than I’d like (I mean who doesn’t?!) but along the way I’ve been able to meet some truly lovely souls.

I’ve three great loves in my life - my soccer loving kind-hearted son Grayson, my sweet & sassy Emery Lynn and I’m walking through this life with my best friend and handsome hubby Darryl.

I love photography

because I love people.

I love pouring over old black and white photos and listening to my Mamaw tell stories from the past.  I love stories about people that have gone before and those around us. I love stories full of love and laughter and all the enchanted spaces inbetween.  My most favorite stories of all are those that are full of color and light and feel a little like you've been lost in a daydream.

I love a cold glass of sweet tea... I’m still waiting to grow up and like the taste of coffee.  I’d love to talk with you and hear more about your story and where it's been and where it's going... let's get together over a cup of your beverage of choice… or better yet over a cupcake.

I Love…

...a family love story
told through old
...the details at
my Mamaws house
that never change
...trips to the
beach to visit
my kid's Grammy
...my church
community and its
heart for His
...watching my
handsome hubby
be the best
Dad ever.
...living in
the mountains
of Virginia.

My Philosophy

What I Believe


I believe it's an honor to be invited into your story as you knit your lives together. I believe that the images we capture will serve as a reminder of the love you have for each other and of all the love that surrounds you. Your wedding photography should always remind you of the beauty found in a life built on love.


I believe weddings are just a day...yes, they require a LOT of planning and preparation and hard work, but they are also just a blink in the story of your life. More than anything, I believe that your wedding day is the start of something beautiful and sacred. It's the first day of your forever, and the start of your marriage to your best friend, to your beloved, to your partner in crime.


I believe a photographer should step into your life story with a gentle and unobtrusive spirit. I'm not there to take the place of your mom or best friends, but I do plan to come and laugh with you and cry with your family as you dance with your Daddy or your hubby is dancing with his mama. I'm also a great pinner of boutonnieres and director of how on earth you're suppose to cut that huge freaking cake.


I believe that photography captures the in-betweens of life. Somewhere between the here and the sacred are moments that capture our hearts that we can't put into words. I believe photography speaks to those moments.


I believe professional photography is an investment and understand not everyone believes this. I know as a young family, the financial commitment it requires for a true professional to capture the essence of my family. This is why I take documenting your life events profressionally and with great care. I understand this is a great commitment on your part financially and emotionally, and I wish to honor your trust in my artistry and skills.


I believe everyone should play "Don't Stop Believin'!" during their wedding reception...and JT's 'Can't Stop The Feeling' is a must. I might have gotten into wedding photography so my wallflower soul could get out on the dance floor without any fear.


I believe the souls that surround you in love on your wedding day are what will help to carry you through your marriage. The moments we capture will remind you of where it all began and, even in the hard times, will remind you why you married this crazy beautiful person in the first place.


I believe I should be everywhere on your wedding day, especially out on the dancefloor! I'll step in when I'm needed - during those family formals or directing you for a portrait session.  I'll be watching your day unfold and capturing all the love that you've created together.