Where I’ve been…

2018 has come and gone and somehow I blogged a whole 4 times… 4!! yikes!  I know that’s terrible considering I photographed over 15 weddings! So where have I been? Well… not blogging that’s for sure but you can catch a few updates from time to time over on my Insta to see where I’ve been or where I’m headed.  I’m excited for 2019 and the 20 couples that have entrusted their wedding day memories to me!  I’d ask you to stay tuned, but I’m afraid you won’t see much blogging on this website for a while.  Those two cuties above keep me pretty busy so I’ll be taking a break from here for most of the year.  I can promise you though that there are some exciting things coming towards the end of this year and 2020 is going to bring lots of big changes to Kristie Lea Photography!  

Lindsey & Taylor | Hahn Gardens, Blacksburg Virginia

i’m still here.

I know it’s been pretty quiet across my social media lately… and by the looks of it I have nearly abondoned this poor blog…. but I promise I’m still here.  I’m clawing my way back to some semblance of a healthy work/life balance and I feel like I’m almost there and I can’t wait to share all of the amazing people I’ve encountered in this past year.

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Kristie Lea is a New River Valley, Virginia Wedding & Portrait Photographer.  Her style of photography is Whimsical & Bright with equal parts Romantic & Dreamy. She blogs from time to time (but only as much as her 3 year old will let her) so be sure to see her most recent work on instagram! 

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