Katie & Caleb | Maternity Session at Pandapas Pond

I have been so honored to capture Katie & Caleb’s engagement, wedding and now this moment in time as they await the arrival of their sweet baby.  *You won’t find too many souls much sweeter than Katie in this world… seriously… just try!*

Katie & Caleb recently shared with the world that their sweet son has made them one of “the lucky few” in this life.  “Straight Down from Heaven with 47” truly sums up what it means to know and love someone who just so happens to have been born with Down Syndrome.  I only know this because I am one of the lucky few who’s older sister happened to have an extra copy of her 21st chromosome.  I can speak to any future siblings of this sweet child, how lucky they will be to know and understand love and life through the eyes of their big brother… it is a gift that could only come from God.

And to his sweet parents… may you always know God picked you… and may the love that comes from just saying and celebrating his sweet name…  Sutton!!  wash over you with peace in these long days awaiting his arrival!  …and yes can we talk about those tiny shoes and the tiny feet that will soon fill them? How precious are they!  Those tiny feet will grow and they will carry sweet Sutton through this life, bringing love and light to everyone that he meets!
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