Maggie’s Bridal Session
Doe Creek Farm Wedding Photography

Everything about this bridal session at Doe Creek Farm was perfect.  I arrived to Doe Creek Farm on a very… and I mean VERY cold February afternoon. Side Note: I was also very and I mean very pregnant! My daughter came just a few weeks later in early March!… ok… back to my story.   The bitter cold was howling through the old farm house (seriously… it was a little creepy) like something out of a movie!  Maggie, the beautiful bride seemed completely unaware of how absolutely gorgeous she was.  Her laugh filled the rooms and we had the best time together along with her sister.  If you know me at all then you might know about my weakness for old farm homes and that feeling of being lost in time.  This was one of those moments.  It felt like daydream.  The dress.  The house.  Those rocking’ tattoos… that gorgeous bride looking through the windows, waiting on her beloved to come walking into view…. at least that’s where my mind goes when I look back through these images. Do you see or feel the story?
Doe Creek Farm WeddingDoe Creek Farm Wedding

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Kristie Lea is a New River Valley, Virginia Wedding & Portrait Photographer.  Her style of photography is Whimsical & Bright with equal parts Romantic & Dreamy. She blogs from time to time (but only as much as her 3 year old will let her) so be sure to see her most recent work on instagram! 

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