Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

I am located in the New River Valley -- Hokie country to be exact!  I've been apart of weddings in Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Newport, Pembroke, Catawba, Suffolk, Alexandria, Lexington, Luray, I've dipped down to North Carolina (my home state!), I've been to places not found on a GPS and weddings in the heart of busy cities.  My roots and family are in Southwest Virginia and my heart can’t get enough of these sleepy mountain towns and vineyards but I can’t wait to explore and travel for a new adventure with you! 

When and how do I book you for my special day?!

Well first off… THANK YOU!  I would be honored to be apart of your wedding day or special occasion.  As a photographer there are few honors or invitations as great as being invited into the sacred moments of your life.  To officially “book” your wedding day we just have to complete a contract and pay a 35% deposit.  It’s best to book 9-12 months in advance!  To book a portrait session let's talk on the phone and pick a date and you'll pay the day of our session!

How would you describe your style?

I’ve been told my style of photography is somehow both authentic documentary but also whimsical and dreamy.   I like to believe photography is a medium that can capture the in-betweens of life.  We live somewhere between the here and the sacred, like those foggy moments when you've first woken up from a dream.  That photo of your grandmother holding your hands is more than just a candid moment… it's two souls helping each other hold on tight while you're also trying to let go.  That photo of your groom grinning from ear to ear captures his heart and soul beaming for yours.   My heart and passion for wedding photography is to capture those moments, that perhaps for just a second allow us to catch a glimpse of more than we can see.  It's those daydreams that look a bit brighter and more colorful than our eyes could see. Also, as a mother of small children I am keenly aware of how fast life is passing us by... so I am always looking to capture "your people" on your wedding day.  After you’ve dried your flowers and scrapbooked your invitations -- it is the people surrounding you in love that will forever be with you - mamas, dads, brothers, sisters, best friends, grandparents and crazy cousins... these are the people who make a wedding more than just a tradition.  They are the ones who will walk you through life and be there for you during your marriage.  That’s my heart and that’s what directs my style.

What should I expect to invest in your services?

Kristie Lea Photography couples invest between $2,700 - $3,500 on their wedding collections.  Wedding packages include hours of wedding day coverage, edited high res images, print rights and a complimentary engagement session.  A la cart options include - family heirloom albums - leather & linen, bridal session etc.  We can build a wedding collection that works for you!

How many images will I receive?

Each wedding day is different but typically you’ll receive between 70-100 images per hour of coverage.

What's the Difference between a 2nd Shooter and Assistant?

I attend each wedding with an assistant.  My assistant is there to help carry lighting, gear and generally to help me focus on capturing your wedding day story.  An assistant may be an aspiring photographer coming along to experience a wedding and to snap a few images here and there.  A 2nd Shooter is an assistant with a more advanced level of skill and photography talent.  A 2nd shooter would provide an additional point of view for your wedding day. I believe most weddings do not require a 2nd Shooter but an Assistant that allows me to be where I need to be to capture your wedding day.  If you are planning a very large wedding at a spaced out venue then let's talk about that 2nd Shooter!

How will I receive my images?

Your images will come to you via a personalized online gallery. You’ll be able to download, share and print your images from this gallery.  You’ll have the chance to look through your images for years to come on any computer or smart device… though I hope you’ll allow your photos to truly come alive in a Family Heirloom Wedding Album and prints covering your walls!

Where should I print my images?

Your images are yours so I hope you’ll print them to your hearts content!  Don’t allow your photos to live in digital obscurity… but also do yourself a favor and avoid 1 hour print labs.  Target, CVS, Walmart are just looking to sabotage and turn you orange on your wedding day.  Professional quality prints can be ordered through your online gallery but I can also recommend several other companies for printing your images.

Where will you be during the wedding day?

Where will I not be!? I’ll be with you during your getting ready moments, I’ll be there in the corners watching as the women in your life help you into your dress and straighten your veil. I’ll check in with your future hubby while he puts on his tie or takes one last look in the mirror.  I’ll be there on the dance floor catching your crazy uncle's dance moves and catching your maid of honor trying to read her speech through tears.  I approach each wedding day with gentleness, unobtrusiveness and a soft spirit.  I’ll step in when I’m needed- during family formals or directing you for portrait sessions-  I’ll be watching your day unfold and capturing all the love that you’ve created together. I'll laugh with you and have been known to ugly cry behind my camera during speeches. My heart's desire is to step kindly into your wedding day, crack a few jokes to keep you laughing and hopefully walk away with a new dear friend that I can stalk for years to come on facebook. you know it's true.