Jesse & Jesse’s
Floyd EcoVillage Wedding Photography

I had the honor of being apart of Jesse & Jesse’s (yes that is not a typo… they have the same name!) beautiful musically inspired wedding at the Floyd Event Center at the Floyd Ecovillage located in Floyd, VA (ok that’s a lot of Floyds). Jesse & Jesse’s family often (to keep things from getting too confusing!) will refer to each of them as Boy Jesse and Girl Jesse. On their wedding day however it was Bride Jesse & Groom Jesse!!  At least that is what I called them! Bride Jesse and her family have been friends of my husband and I since she was all the way back in middle school! She is an exceptionally gifted singer while Groom Jesse is a talented musician and also a music teacher in Roanoke, VA. There were hints and touches of their love for music everywhere. From the handmade music note flowers and music note bowtie to the big finale where Bride Jesse jumped up on stage to sing along with the band and Groom Jesse jamming out on the drums!  It was so wonderful to be apart of this day and be there with a family that my husband and I love so dearly!  Wishing you Lady Jesse and Man Jesse all the love in the world!!

Floyd Eco Village_0013.jpgBlacksburg Wedding_0207.jpg
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Blacksburg Wedding_0210.jpgFloyd Eco Village_0015.jpgFloyd Eco Village_0016.jpg
I love her dad’s face in this one!
Floyd Eco Village_0020.jpg
Floyd Eco Village_0022.jpgso much sisterly love going on here! That’s Jesse’s mom and her Aunt helping Jesse with the finishing touches. Jesse’s mom is an amazing woman, mom and wedding planner!  seriously… Sarah you need to go into the business! 😉
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Floyd Eco Village_0130.jpgan amazing raspberry dessert by the beautiful sister of the bride! I’m still bummed I didn’t get to snag a taste!
Floyd Eco Village_0140.jpgFloyd Eco Village_0143.jpgFloyd Eco Village_0132.jpg

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More details coming soon!

Venue: Floyd Event Center
Florist: Stonecrop Farm: Certified Organic
Dessert: Sister of the Bride over at Sweet Potatoes & Social Change
Hair & Makeup: Elite Salon 
Officiant: Kelly Shushok
Alter Table: Floyd Rustic
Bridal Gown:

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