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War Memorial Chapel Wedding Photography

This moment with Claire and her father about to walk down the aisle at War Memorial Chapel on Virginia Tech’s campus is one of my absolute favorite wedding ceremony moments.  For any other Blacksburg Wedding Photographers out there you may know that War Memorial Chapel is a bit of a challenge when it comes to photographing a ceremony.  There is zero natural light in the chapel (except for when those doors open!) and the artificial light that is inside the chapel creates a whole list of issues.  The only way to photograph a wedding (at least in my experience) is to bring in your own off camera flash to properly light the ceremony.  There is a great amount of anticipation that comes with this moment of the bride about to come down the aisle.  It’s a relatively short aisle, so you better have your camera settings right and your flashes working properly or you’ll miss it!  Typically when these doors open and your camera is set for your off camera flashes (after you’ve just photographed the wedding party) it will be completely blown out.  To grab this shot I had just a few seconds to crank my shutter speed WAY up, kill my flashes and GET THIS SHOT… and then just as quickly turn my settings back to be exposed for indoors with flash!  That look on Claire’s Dad’s face is absolutely perfect… I couldn’t have staged this moment if I had tried!  VT Memorial Chapel Wedding Photography

I’ll post more of Claire & Corey’s wedding in the very near future!  I hope you’ll come back to check it out!

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